April 23, 2024

Queen Naapi Hauwa

Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana Women’s Commissioner took to social media to educate teacher trainees and the entire general public on the need to take their safety serious and also ensure that they are circumspect when sharing information about the pandemic coronavirus.

Below is her complete facebook post;

Despite the fear and panic caused by the corona virus I would like to urge all and sundry to stand with me and other institutional women’s commissioners as we campaign to spread calm and not fear. Let’s adopt preventive measures and even if we get infected there’s still hope that we will recover Record has shown that there are more recovery rates than death. Therefore let’s all be calm and abide by the various safety measures put out there by the health authorities. The best way to fight this is by treating everyone around you as if they are infected and treat yourself the same I think this would help raise our alertness Wash hands, sanitize regularly and maintain the right social distances.

I am Queen Hauwa the national women’s commissioner for the teacher trainees association of Ghana and I stand with all teacher trainees


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